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Planning my Camino

The Camino de Santiago {with shameless cheats} in 28 days.

Walk Through Spain

The Camino de Santiago {with shameless cheats} in 28 days


Pamplona >> Santiago


I share most of my experiences after the fact. This post is different. Despite having planned two trips for my brother then my mother, I have yet to walk this route through Northwest Spain. It’s a trip that has been on my mind for a while and I thought I’d just put the information out there for others who have similar goals. Have you walked the camino? Your comments will be of great help to this post and I invite them below! My goal is to complete this adventure one day and when that day comes you know a follow-up post will be done. Now, a glimpse in the intricate mind of Grace in the World in planning mode…  

Budget 880€ (accommodations/transport 580€+10/day for food 300€)

The Itinerary

Day 1:

(best to start on a Monday) 

Register in Pamplona (optional)

Day 2:

Start walking! Pamplona >> Cizur Menor (amenities, 12th century Church of San Miguel with a fortified tower) >> Alto del Perdon or “Hill of Forgiveness” >> Zariquiegui >> sculpture of pilgrims >> Uterga >> Muruzabal >> Puente La Reina {5 hrs/24km}

Day 3: 

Puente La Reina >> cross the Pilgrims’ Bridge >> Maneru >> Cirauqui (Church of San Roman built in the 13th century) >> Lorca (Hospital de Peregrinos de Arandigoyen) >> Villatuerta >> Estella {4.5 hrs/21km}

Day 4:

Estella (Bodegas Irache wine museum) >> Azqueta and Villamayor de Monjardin >> Los Arcos {4 hrs/19km} 

Day 5:

Los Arcos >> Torres del Rio >> Virgen del Poyo >> Viana (palaces in Plaza de los Fueros + Plaza del Coso + gothic church of Santa Maria de la Asuncion) >> Logroño {5.5 hrs/27km}


Day 6:


Day 7:


Day 8:

Logroño (Puerta del Camino) >>Navarrete (Bodegas: La Rioja wine + Iglesia de la Asuncion) >> Nájera {6 hrs/28km}

Hostal Hispano

Day 9:

Nájera >> Azofra >> Cirueña >> Santo Domingo de la Calzada {4hrs/20km}

Day 10:

Santo Domingo de la Calzada >> cross River Oja/Puente del Santo (Saint’s Bridge) >> Granon >> Redecilla del Camino >> Castildelgado >> Viloria de la Rioja >> Villamayor del Rio >> Belorado {4.5 hrs/22km}

Day 11:

Belorado >> Tosantos >> Villambistia >> Espinosa del Camino >> Villafranca Montes de Oca >> Agés >> Atapuerca (three kilometers away, 800,000 year old human remains were discovered. These are the oldest human remains discovered in Europe! ) {6 hrs/29km}

La plazuela verde

Day 12:

Atapuerca >> Villalval >> Cardenuela de Riopico >> Orbaneja >> Villafria >> Burgos (see the walls of an old castle or the Museum of Human Evolution + the gothic cathedral) {3.5 hrs/17km}

Day 13:


Day 14:

DAY IN BURGOS + bus to Fromista

Day 15:

Fromista >> Poblacion de Campos >> Revenga de Campos >> Villarmentero de Campos >> Villalcazar de Sirga (Church of Santa Maria la Blanca) >> Carrión de los Condes {4 hrs/19km}

Day 16:

Carrión de los Condes >> Calzadilla de la Cueza >> Ledigos >> Terradillos de Templarios  >> Moratinos {6 hrs/29km}

Hostal Moratinos

Day 17:

Moratinos >> Sahagún >> Calzada del Coto >> Bercianos del Real Camino {4 hrs/19km}

Day 18:

Bercianos del Real Camino >> El Burgo Ranero >> Villarente {7 hrs/32 km}

Albergue San Pelayo

Day 19:

Villarente >> Mansilla >> Villamoros de Mansilla >> Puente Valdelafuente >> Puente Castro >> Leon (Cathedral/Pulchra Leonina) {2.5 hrs/12km}

Day 20:


Day 21:

EXTRA DAY in LEON + Bus to Astorga {10 euros} (Museum of Pilgrimage/Palacio Episcopal by Antoni Gaudi)

Day 22:

Astorga >> Valdeviejas >> Murias de Rechivaldo >> Santa Catalina de Somoza >> El Gamso >> Rabanal del Camino {4.5 hrs/20km}

Day 23:

Rabanal del Camino >> Foncebadon (place a rock taken from home at Cruz de Ferro to symbolize a burden left behind) >> Manjarin >> El Acebo >> Riego de Ambros >> Molinaseca >> Ponferrada {4.5 hrs/20km}

Day 24:

Ponferrada >> Compostilla >> Columbrianos >> Fuentes Nuevas >> Camponaraya >> Cacabelos (Archaeological Museum + Iglesia de Santa Maria de la Plaza) >> Pieros >> Valtuille de Arriba >> Villafranca del Bierzo {4.5 hrs/20km}

Day 25:

Villafranca del Bierzo >> Pereje >> Trabadelo >> La Portela de Valcarce >> Ambasmestas >> Vega de Valcarce >> Ruitelan >> Las Herreias de Valcarce (The road will start its ascent) >> La Faba >> La Laguna de Castilla {6 hrs/25km}

Day 26:

La Laguna de Castilla >> O Cebreiro >> Linares >> Hospital de la Condesa >> Padornelo >> Alto do Poio >> Fonfria >> Biduedo >> Filloval >> As Pasantes >> Ramil >> Triacastela >> Aguiada >> Sarria

+ Train to END in Santiago

Day 27:


Day 28:




Pack LIGHT: 

  • 25L Backpack
  • packing cube/dry bag for clothing (all quick dry)
  • 3 tops (1 long sleeve 1 tank 1 tee)
  • 3 bottoms (yoga leggings, trail pants, hiking shorts)
  • 2 bras, 2-3 pairs underwear
  • 2 pairs socks
  • LBD
  • Hiking Boots
  • Sandals
  • Hat
  • Light scarf/wrap
  • Fleece?
  • Small umbrella?
  • Sunglasses
  • Water bottle
  • iPad + charger, Passport, credit cards, phone, headphones
  • Shampoo/conditioner, comb, deodorant, toothbrush/paste, razor, face/body wash/lotion, nail clippers, tweezers, band-aids + antiseptic, anti-chafe balm, arnica oil, tiger balm, anti-inflammatory, chapstick, Sunscreen, laundry soap
  • Sleep sheet & travel towel
  • A small rock or other token from home to leave at the Cruz de Ferro


Some general notes about Spain

  • most Spaniards have a light breakfast (usually bread+cookies/cake) first thing in the morning then a second breakfast around 11.00 (a second coffee + tostada/croissant/fruit/yogurt)
  • Coffee choices: “cafe con leche” = 1/4 espresso + 3/4 warm milk (flat white), “cortado” = half espresso half milk, iced coffee is not a thing, neither is filter coffee.
  • lunchtime is 14.00-16.00 (sometimes 17.00) – it’s the biggest meal of the day
  • a “menu del día” is a three-course lunch special Monday-Friday
  • siesta (after lunch) means most villages will be closed 16.00-18.00/19.00
  • dinnertime starts at 20.00 (finishes around 23.00) – tapas style light bites


Route info: 

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By Grace in the World

I hope that the experiences I record here could be of some use to those looking to travel and I welcome questions/comments/feedback. Thank you for reading my words. Bon voyage!

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