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Winter Wanders in Prague, Czechia

Prague is probably my top recommendation for anyone’s first glimpse of Europe. Its beauty is on par with Paris and Florence but it still lends a sense of discovery since the tourists haven’t yet covered every corner (expect more in the Christmas market season/summer). Statues you’d usually find in museums can be found in every corner, crevice, alleyway. The preservation is fantastic. There are many ghost stories & superstitions. Beer is cheaper than water. Best drink: hot spiced wine. 


For a budget visit, we stayed at the Prague Square Hostel which is steps away from the square. If you’re looking for an upgraded stay try Airbnb. We found plenty of apartments available and settled in the Karlín area which I liked a lot–very hipster and trendy.

Karlín Finds

Můj šálek kávy for breakfast – get there right when they open to avoid a line/please someone order the pancakes

KhomfiNgô restaurant for a casual (Asian fusion/Thai) lunch

Spojka for date night – healthy and delicious (Nejen Bistro was good too)

IMG_2433  Hip-ist coffee stops: Loft & Parlor

Treat yourself – stop in for a massage at Sabai Point – it feels gooood to feel good

Willing to wander in the winter? ❄️ Prague is a top choice year round and thanks to a plethora of cocktail bars and Christmas markets it was easy peasy for me to curate a top picks list.



 Spots which stood out in/around the center:

EMA espresso bar was a perfect coffee stop at any time of day. San Francisco cool vibes here.

Sansho is probably the best restaurant in Prague. Absolutely unforgettable date night. 

…then let the cocktails commence

Orange Bar feels local but also fancy. Solid classics and a relaxing vibe.


Aloha – where classy meets tiki. (Tiki Taky Bar keeps it classic)

Anonymous Bar has become a little too touristy… head to Shrink’s Office instead (if you can find your way inside).


If you’re really down to party…

Prague is known for its club scene. I am not known for mine. We did stop by Cross Club which was very unique indeed.


Things to see / Places to be

Prague is for wandering. Put down the maps and ignore everything I’m about to say.

Some spots you might see along the way:

Old Town Square – the Christmas Market is fantastic!

Prague Astronomical Clock is very cool (although the hourly event is underwhelming)

The Charles Bridge is unbelievably crowded at most times of day (I heard it isn’t so just before sunrise but could never bring myself to get up and out that early – let me know how that is)

We walked across the Štefanik Bridge instead then along the river via Letna Park which was pretty + local + more relaxing. (Stop by Cafe Letka if you’re hungry in that area)


You’ll see the Prague Castle but next head up to the gardens of Strahov Monastery (side note: we were told that the library inside is very pretty) for some of the best views of the city.

Across the river…

The Žižkov area is a great place to wander and I recommend seeing the TV Tower up closer (though going to the top isn’t essential at all).

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