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Costa Blanca, Valencia, Spain

Day Trips from Alicante

The city of Alicante itself has a lot to offer but you’d be missing out if you didn’t wander a little further along the coast. These are some of the best destinations – all easy to see in one day. 


5968D393-B414-4689-8F00-8464CCBBA276Altea is about an hour and a half from Alicante by tram. A whitewashed old town crawls up the hillside to surround a blue dome cathedral which sees the prettiest sunsets. Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea surround.

We two-hour “menú del dia” lunched at Shabby Chic and avoided the tourist shops, opting instead for an abun dance of street photos and hot tea by the sea after the sun set on our wandering. Another great spot is Plant Shack


Tabarca Island is a quick boat ride from Alicante and a lovely, tourist-friendly day trip for some cute street wandering and clear Mediterranean Sea snorkeling (fish and turtle spotting!) we had a good Seafood Paella + Sangria lunch at Don Jeronimo then walked around the island all in a few hours stay.


The town of Villajoyosa is very close to Alicante but a wander through these streets will make you feel a lot further away. We came to see the rainbow houses by the sea; what small town Spain reveals is an honest struggling, a sign of the times (high unemployment) but evidence of the Spanish peoples’ ability to live well through hardships. Art peeks around boarded doors and the buzz of daily life seems cheery. A contrast is found beachside, where tourists dine, eating omelettes comfortably. It’s a revealing juxtaposition and somehow reassuring. We can all get through this together.

There’s plenty to do in a day here- great dining- we had lunch at Taverna Valenciana El Pòsit and T-class also looked good. Must stop for drinks at the Centra Friends Bar (beachside, google maps puts it in the city center which is incorrect) or on a patio such as El Bodegó. The Valor Chocolate Museum is also here- top of my list for next time! Gorgeous seaside and pretty, colorful streets for all the photos.. enjoy!

Hike “Sender de la Costa” Villajoyosa to Benidorm


The walk along the coast takes about 2 hours and is suitable for most since the only real inline occurs upon decent into Benidorm. Ocean views along the way. You can find substantial information here. We walked one way then had tapas in town before taking the Tram (it’s easy to find directions on Google Maps) back to Alicante.

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