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I heart Amsterdam.

Holland/The Netherlands was immediately lovable to me. I got a sense of kindness and curiosity from the locals I met in a gas station, on the bus, walking on the street… friends told me good things about Amsterdam and it sure didn’t disappoint!


Tip number one: grab a giant bar of Tony’s chocolate. This company has humanity on the mind (plus it tastes like heaven). Albert Heijn supermarket is a good spot to pick up these sweets and other groceries but note they are cash (Euros) or EU debit card only.

My visit being in January meant that riding bikes didn’t happen (though plenty of braver, tougher people than us were rolling around despite the frigid temperatures). I also didn’t book anything in advance (the Van Gough museum and Anne Frank House notably) so those are still on the to do list.

The Anne Frank House can be found near “the nine streets” it is really something to just take in the area today and imagine the atmosphere when she was writing. I hear 80% of tickets are reserved 2 months in advance and 20% are made available same day (a local advised us to visit around 6:30pm for shorter lines).

My time in Amsterdam was successful thanks to some amazing tips from friends (thanks Vernon + Atreya) and residents (thanks girl seated beside me in BlaBlaCar from Cologne, Germany who knew the hip spots!). I did a free walking tour (I love these on day one!) the “alternative” option meant we learned about drug decriminalization, squatting and daily life in the Jordaan neighborhood (an area I quite admire). Next time I visit I’ll ride a bike through these streets. Grab some apple cake/pie from Winkel 43.

If you’re looking to get off the beaten path check out the Noord part of the city. You can take a free ferry over from Centraal Station. I loved Pllek. Plenty of cool street art and container houses to be found here. For city views you can visit AMSTERDAM Tower.  (For free city views head back across the water to the rooftop of the NEMO Science Museum).

img_7343 2

Find food from around the globe at Foodhallen. It’s busy and loud but the atmosphere is cool. If you happen to be visiting on a Sunday head to Volkshotel for a rooftop hot tub experience.

I’d like to live in Amsterdam…

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